Russian Production Association “Albes”


February 1996

Scope of activities

Russian Production Association “Albes” is specialized in manufacturing construction materials for exterior and interior finishing of buildings and structures. There is a wide range of aluminum and steel articles manufactured by using the cold rolling method from factory painted sheet metal (aluminum and zinc-galvanized steel).

Sales geography

Russia and the CIS countries

Range of products

Growth prospects

RPA “Albes” being the leading manufacturer of metal ceilings aims to seek for new solutions in decorating ceiling zones. One of the important areas of our activities is the manufacture of sophisticated design ceilings. Design suspended ceilings help to the highest degree show one’s creativity and create an unprecedented ceiling image. Among its latest works, the company is happy to offer the Griliatto ceiling of various models: pyramidal, split-level, blind, sophisticated cassette ceilings “Rhombus” and “Triangular”, module solutions, wide range of products from mesh reinforcement as well as ceiling panels with various types of punching.

Advantages of dealing with RPA "Albes"

The long-term working experience and a continuous search for new solutions, high manufacturing capabilities and efficiency in the execution of orders have enabled the company to occupy the leading positions in the market of building and finishing materials of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries in terms of quality, range of products and turnout.

RPA “Albes” provides engineering and consulting services, performs research and development, estimation and analytical works, implementing a full-scale engineering process in the construction.

All products manufactured by RPA “Albes” are certified in the Russian Federation (inter alia, allowed to be used at medical centers, health care facilities, sports clubs and schools) and produced in accordance with the applicable specifications.


At present, RPA “Albes” is a modern highly-producing plant, having a complete technological cycle, highly professional personnel and a developed dealer network.

The Association won the first prize at the 13th All-Russia contest for the best construction organization, construction materials and building industry plant in 2008 for an annual amount of work completed. An annual contest is held by the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation jointly with the Russian Construction Union and the Construction and Construction Materials Trade Union for the purpose of determining the most efficient construction organizations and plants, design and research organizations, promoting and expanding the advanced experience in the area of construction, designing, research and construction materials industry.

Pursuing a policy of openness and constantly cooperating with its partners, the company always looks forward to new contacts and is ready for a constructive dialogue!

Competitiveness of Albes products

  • Durabilityandreliability

Suspended metal ceilings rarely need replacement as they are resistant to damage during disassembly and wet cleaning.

  • Distinction

A large choice of suspended ceiling models and colours makes it possible for various design projects to be implemented.

  • Acoustic absorption

Perforated panels with the sound absorbing base help improve the acoustic properties.

  • Fire safety

Metal ceilings are manufactured from non-combustible materials which provide an additional protection for a building in case of fire.

  • Illumination

An increased light reflection coefficient of metal ceilings improves illumination of premises under natural light.

  • Humidity resistance

Thanks to their unique properties, metal ceilings can be used in highly humid premises: swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchens, lobbies i.e. everywhere traditional construction materials quickly become worthless.

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